Friday, March 25, 2016


Someone asked me a few days ago if I still swim. I had mentioned to her that I am a former competitive swimmer. I told her that I get in the pool occasionally, but that it's more of a commitment than just walking out my door and getting on the bike or going for a jog.

One of the things I miss about swimming regularly is the sense of power. When I work hard in the pool, I feel really strong. Learning to swim is learning to swim with the water instead of fighting against it. When you're trained to swim well, you move with the water and experience less resistance.

I actually think those who don't swim as well, who face more resistance from the water, probably get more of a workout because they have to fight harder to move through it. Because I'm a more experienced swimmer, I have to swim longer because I've learned how to move through the water more smoothly.

The person I was talking with smiled and said, "I think there's some life lessons in there."

"I suppose there are" I replied.

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